Text Box: Are you ready to do . . .
what you know you need to do?
Text Box: Then you don’t want to be in a place full of people who are still drinking and doping, do you?
Since 1973, ARC has been the house along the way home for hundreds of Veterans and others recovering from the ravages of drug and alcohol addiction.
Our “Life Coach Approach” resolves homelessness and other issues of dependency with one comprehensive program. It actually helps residents transform thinking and behavior from that of self-centered disregard for others, into that of a self-sufficient, responsible, accountable, adult life style which includes service to others. 
Being of service to “society” or “community” really means to be in service to individuals, family and friends.
Our success over the years has been that we have experienced so little in the way of relapse and recidivism.
Our facility consists of actual homes, where our clients participate in every day maintenance and upkeep of their household, work at their jobs, and learn (or re-learn) the rhythms of sensible living.
Presently, ARC is situated in a cluster of 8 homes located in that secluded residential community of about 100 houses in the southeast corner of downtown Amarillo.
It is the perfect combination of proximity to the City, and the privacy of a “suburban” neighborhood.
Text Box: ARC is a place with actual Personal Space, allocated for you to live in the kind of privacy essential for learning and growing.

Isn’t this where you really want to be right now —

 On your way home?

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(806) 376-7993