Text Box: More than “a shelter”
First, the basics of housing and nutrition are met. The Campus environment at ARC is conducive to a natural and gradual exposure to learning these skills. In every case where this leads to even a modest change in the thinking of a new resident, improvements in the mental, emotional, and material well being of that person is also observable, and even measurable.
Campus Environment
As much as any of the Seminars or Sessions, the ordinary fellowship of people at ARC’s Campus — who are actually experiencing those measurable improvements, inspire and encourage newcomers to learn and participate in the Program themselves.
Full time Staff is comprised of a professional licensed counselor, a House Manager for each Home, kitchen and dining room staff, an Office Manager, Facilities Manager, and  Executive Director.
The Managers guide and direct Clients in every activity from kitchen help to yard work, to facility upkeep and maintenance.
You expect something …
From US. — If you expect to get a free handout and support for your continued unacceptable behavior patterns that are the source of all your present misery and that of all the people around you, well, you won’t get that.  BECAUSE —
We expect something …
From YOU! — Learn the rules, — and live by the rules. 
BECOME the better man …		you really want to be.
One Day at a Time.
Text Box: This is another one of the eight houses that comprise our main ARC Campus, near downtown Amarillo, Texas.

Our “Unit of Service” is called

“The DAY.”


It is comprised of three nutritious meals, plus residence in one of our Houses, designated semi-private room with amenities, laundry room, etc.  — in one affordable program.


The whole objective is to learn to live your life better, clean and sober, with dignity … and a job.


If you are ready to do what you know you need to do, ARC is the place for you to be. Now. On your way home.


We’re just waiting for you to come by.